Tech Editing

I offer technical editing services for English and Swedish

knitting patterns

I specialise in accessories and socks

What is technical editing?

Technial editing is to let someone else inspect your knitting pattern to

  • proof-read 
  • check sizes, gauge and needles
  • numbers and calulations are correct
  • abbrevations and definitions are understandable
  • instructions are consistent
  • pattern describes the same thing that is shown on the pictures
  • etc...

In other words, make sure your customers will have a pattern

that is a joy to follow!


  • Hourly rate: 250 SEK / hour + VAT


My promised turnaround time is normally 5-10 days, if you are working towards a certain deadline, I can come to an agreement if you contact me in advance.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!